When the mood strikes to write, I have to seize it. It doesn’t come around often. Sure, I enjoy writing and received my bachelor’s degree in journalism, but just like with anything, it can seem more like a chore if I’m not feeling particularly inspired or motivated.

That’s been the case lately. I haven’t felt inspired to write, naturally proving it hard to force my fingers to the keys to produce something, anything worth reading. And it has taken me awhile to understand why. I think a huge part of it is because it took me almost an entire year to find my footing back in the States after returning from my nearly 2 year adventure living in Australia and New Zealand.

Once I arrived back home and after the “honeymoon phase” somewhat quickly dissipated, I still found it hard to get back into and nail down a healthy routine. When I refer to a routine as healthy, I’m talking about good eating habits, mind and spirit daily maintenance, exercise, and a good balance of social and personal time (full disclaimer – this specific one has NEVER been a strong suit of mine). I kept chasing stability and security within my relationship, full-time work, and friend circles. But it didn’t ever feel like enough and my anxiety was through the roof. So I finally made the time, space, and money to be able to return to my therapist, Katherine, to try to get myself back in order, so to speak.

After some serious inner work, lots of meditation (cliche, I know, but I swear it has helped me), and several therapy visits later, I am happy to say that I am finally back to a healthy routine and now I have more energy to put into my friendships and relationships but also to give myself and personal projects that I previously felt unmotivated to work on. One specific project that is near and dear to my heart is one that I hope will become my first-ever published book one day. I started writing it last September or October before I left Christchurch, NZ. At this point, my motivation was fueled by my recent adventures and the urge to share my experiences with everyone, so I quickly churned out nearly 30 pages of content including an intro and my draft outline of the book. But a few months into living in Richmond again, it was hard to force my fingers to write even a page of the book.

Today is the first time I’ve truly been able to sit down at a computer and write more than a sentence since the first month or two that I returned. This is huge because not only am I motivated to start working on my book again but this also signifies that I’ve finally overcome a strange post-travel/adventure of a lifetime slump. Cheers to that!

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