I’m not usually one for cliche inspirational posters that say phrases such as “Do What You Love” or “Think Happy Be Happy”. Sure, I’m all for promoting positivity, sharing good vibes and living life to the fullest, etc. , but the aforementioned poster just are not my IMG_3501thing and that’s okay.

Well, until recently, anyway. I found one that has stuck with me since I saw it at my friend Sara and Caroline’s flat when I visited them in Richmond, Va. The poster featured cute, simple little drawings of various succulents surrounding a combination of the words or ones similar to “Enjoy the Little Things”.

For once, one of these posters/phrases actually resonated with me instead of making my skin crawl, which is my body’s usual reaction to cliche motivational/inspirational posters and sayings. The difference this time is that focusing on the little joys in life is something I hope to do more of throughout my life. However, some days it’s easier for me to do that than it is on others.

Focusing on the little things in life has been on my mind a lot the past year and some change and I think that’s possibly why the poster hit closer to home than any others have. One of my personal goals during my adventures abroad has been just that – enjoying the little things in life.

When I’m walking Sylvie, the Schnauzer I care for as my third job, I try to be mindful of my surroundings. It’s especially easy to do in the Spring when the brightly colored flowers are in full bloom. Often I’ll literally stop and smell flowers lining the streets of her IMG_3095neighborhood or I’ll fixate on small things such as the way rain drops sit in a perfect bubble on low hanging tree leaves. Doing these simple things help me feel more grounded and centered.

So occasionally on my bike rides, I’ll try and do the same. One brief exchange stuck with me. As I cycled through a neighborhood on my way to walk Sylvie, I started to smile as I saw a young boy run out of his house with his dog shouting excitedly. He had the biggest smile on his face. Within seconds, he noticed me and exclaimed, “Good morning!!,” in a really adorable kiwi accent. I wished him a good morning also and continued on my way, but I have not forgotten that interaction.

I don’t always publish posts on topics such as this one, but I think it’s important to remind ourselves to not lose sight of the “little things” that are worth slowing down and paying attention to.

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