Sometimes my bank account isn’t exactly thriving and I still want to do something other than sitting in my bedroom watching Netflix. Yes, many fun things do often cost money, but luckily, there is a handful of activities to do without spending a dollar around Christchurch.

In case you find yourself in this city at a loss of what to do, perhaps you can use this list as a starting point.

I introduce to you five of my favoriteĀ free activities in Christchurch:

  1. Post up with a book or cup of coffee/tea at the Botanic Gardens. I usually can’t help myself and often end up wandering the gardens and gawking at all of the beautiful flowers.
  2. Go on foot or cycle and explore the many murals and street art in the central city.
  3. Get lost in the latest exhibits at The Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetu. It’s also the perfect activity for a dreary, rainy day.

    Taylor Mistake Water
    One of the many gorgeous views along the Godley Head Track.
  4. Pop out the picnic blanket and soak up some Vitamin D in Latimer Square Park. Hagley Park also makes for a good spot to catch some rays.
  5. Surround myself with beautiful coastal views along the Godley Head Track.

Of course there is plenty more to do on a budget than just these five activities, so please comment below with any other suggestions!


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